Friday, February 26, 2010

Long long absence

Holy cheese, the whole Chinese New Year holidays pampered me so much that I forgot to update this blog site!! And I'd only complete only one illustration. Terribly sorry for this! *bows* This is not really an active month for me :P

Click "download" for wallpaper version

This year is a total double bonus one, as we all know (mostly heehee) The festive season falls just right on Valentines Day! Maybe not really a bonus to couples... orz

Tiger is for Chinese New Year, and a hunk for V day !! Purrrfect!! Oh and prolly my first time drawing tigers seriously like serious business!! But, it's not the painting is tough, but the finishing touches instead. Phewww...

Also, I've added duilian and a chinese seal of my mandarin name on it. Happy Chinese New Year to you guys!! 虎年行大运!! 万事如意!!