Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Black Rock Shooter chibis and 100 posts thanks!!

I didn't know there's a Black Rock Shooter second mix until a related video thumbnail appeared in my Youtube front page. O__O And ohh mahh gawdd the instruments sound much clearer than ever!! I love you ryo~! TTuTT

This is my rendition of her in chibi form. She isn't hard as I thought thanks to the blacks. Overall this piece is pretty satisfying to me.

The next chibi illust would be her lifetime rival Death Master!! >8D

Wha-- I can't find much decent Dead Master fanart in deviantART. Aww dang, she needs more love from the BRS fans.

Dead Master looks menacing with that smile, perhaps she had an evil plot in mind to dominate the world? O__o Nah I'm not the creator of this character, don't ask.

To show my gratitude for the support that I received ever since I started drawing, here's a work-in-progress animation of Dead Master!! Now how cool is that? XDD

Without you, I wouldn't be able to continue moving my pencil til now.

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