Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bayonetta's Glamourous Guns

....... maybe only a gun in the picture .___. ;;;

Bayonetta is my luvv for this gaming year albeit I don't own an Xbox or PS3!! <3>8D OH YEAH BABY YOU MUST ACKNOWLEDGE BAYONETTA!! JUST LOOK. AT. THE. DELICIOUS. CHARACTER. DESIGN. *drools* (mm no, me not lesbian lol)

orz this fanart is probably one of my top favorites~! And it painstakingly took me hours and hours to complete the painting @w@ Oh the gun! IT'S FRIGGIN HARD TO SCULPT THE GUN MAH MAMMA----!! *random scream*

Appreciate every Bayonetta fanarts you see in the net. It's extremely hard to draw her outfit lol.

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