Tuesday, December 29, 2009

70K hits thanks

I've reached my 70k pageview in my deviantART account and EdwardMarks is the person who caught the beautiful number! :D What's next? A kiriban prize--!! This is Carmen and Kaiser. One is a yandere guy, one is a killer.

Who doesn't love black and white stuffs? It's pretty fun if you're into it. XDD Amazingly, curly hairs is not a problem to me. Sounds like an achievement eh... =w=

Enjoy the blood!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas Falalalala~!!

Sorry for not wishing you guys earlier! >A< FluffaNutta--!! And here's the image.

To all deviants out there, whether you're celebrating with your besties/lover/family/colleagues or maybe yourself, happy holidays and together let's face a better tomorrow!! 2010 here we come~!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Silver Soul's Secret Santa Selebraaation *shot*

You guys still have a choice, if quality is not what you like, please leave orz.

SSSS stands for Silver Soul's Secret Santa. Gintama means Silver Soul (NOT SILVER BALLS LOL). And yesh, Sakamoto and Mutsu are from Gintama. I love Gintama very much =w=b

*mind blank* errr... oh yea! Who am I gonna dedicate this gift to! *clears throat*
NauticalNymph!! Hope you love this piece although it's black(brown) and white. XD

Warm Slumber

A test to draw chibis. Okay chibis with STUBBY NOSE. Doesn't that look adorable? D:

This character that I drew was originally from a doodle, eventually it happened to look like a dream fairy to me. That bunny at the corner is related to the rabbit in the moon making rice cakes (or whatever). For this version I rendered a semi-realistic looking one (inspired by Peter Rabbit ;3 ) with a musical note. I had this imagery of it playing a soothing lullaby to put the young children to sleep. *sings

My god. It's JUST a chibi drawing test, why did I made the concept too complicated! *facepalms*

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bayonetta's Glamourous Guns

....... maybe only a gun in the picture .___. ;;;

Bayonetta is my luvv for this gaming year albeit I don't own an Xbox or PS3!! <3>8D OH YEAH BABY YOU MUST ACKNOWLEDGE BAYONETTA!! JUST LOOK. AT. THE. DELICIOUS. CHARACTER. DESIGN. *drools* (mm no, me not lesbian lol)

orz this fanart is probably one of my top favorites~! And it painstakingly took me hours and hours to complete the painting @w@ Oh the gun! IT'S FRIGGIN HARD TO SCULPT THE GUN MAH MAMMA----!! *random scream*

Appreciate every Bayonetta fanarts you see in the net. It's extremely hard to draw her outfit lol.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Elfie is purikura-fied!!

If you can't recognize Iris-Zeible's Elfie, you're totally made of FAIL >A>

Okay I'm kidding. Oh c'mon you can tell that can't you!? *laughs*

I always want to draw one of her characters, so I picked Elfie. She has puffy fluffy wuffy hair like cotton ball! <3

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Character Art - Tristen

If we were to have a opposite character of Joia, who would it be?

Tristen's the guy you're asking for! XD A tanned melancholic adult with a dark gray bowler hat. The name for that parrot is Bawrot. Why? It BAWWWWWWWWWWWS lolz!

You can see similarities between them yet each of them has their own iconic traits. Tristen doesn't care about his wilted flower, meaning he gaved up on his passion to pursue happiness. Joia on the other hand, can generate surprises in the top hat, which explains her energetic nature to move forward.

There are more to describe, but I'll leave these to you to comprehend. 8D

Tristen doesn't belong to me but ~bernoully btw! He always design kickass stuffs! >8D