Monday, September 7, 2009

Fresh new character concept

Yeap you heard that, sizzling hot from the volcano oven! >:3 I shall introduce you to this new character I had in my head last week. (female again, but I'll promise there will be a male coming out lolz)

Well you can tell that its a mixture of artistic structure and generic design. XD Not aiming for amazing details and clutter (eww, I hate excessive clutter), as I would like to tell a person's attitude and concept through simplified design elements lolz.

In short, Phalene is defined as moth in the French language. Other than the name of the girl and her key personality, I'll be leaving the details about her later. Hahah, just wait until the finishing results. ;D


  1. o_o
    look at that hair!XD
    btw i love her cloth color=D

    u create so many OCs, no plan for them?

  2. Lol I do have plans for some of them, usually its for projects that haven't been published yet XD I just enjoy to create new characters :P

  3. that reminds me of the secret project u all talk about last time!!
    is this even related with that?XD

  4. Yeap, its related with the secret project too, a special character :D

  5. I loved Phalene's hair, so awesome lol. Nice colours for her dress so far~