Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ring a Rin Rin

Here comes the loli Vocaloid 8D

Hmmmm, the only song I had in my iTunes is Kokoro, the rest (most of them ehem) are Hatsune Miku's LOL! Obviously, I'm more of a Miku fan. Don't get me wrong here, I don't hate Rin. She's adorable you know (duhh don't deny that!)

I'll randomly pick on Vocaloid character an paint again yay~!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'm painting my own version of Megpoid to prove that my semi-realistic chibi painting ain't dead yet (anddd to poke fun at the original character portrait LOL) I'm so nice =w=

That explains the difference between good at design and good at drawing. XD No offense but really, though the artist has beautiful character design, the quality isn't up to par at all. *shots*

The background is inspired by Bobby Chiu's style of painting creatures. XD I love his skills :3

I might be happy if you guys want to see a series of Vocaloids like Megpoid one 8D What do you think?

Once Upon A Time...

One of the illustrations for my collab project involving the sweet nature Joia. :D

..Once upon a time, in a lil' world of big nasty animals, there's ... there is... a white alien. It has only one eye. And and... yea only one eye. Must be hard to see wider. :o

Silly Joia lolz. XD

EmptyEasel: Educating professional artists

After quitting the course, I'm looking for articles that can help me in freelancing other than spending time on portfolio building. First of all, I search for solutions to build a better one, and EmptyEasel is the one I adore the most among other websites.

Why is it different than any other art tutorial sites? Yea, I heard that.

It doesn't just offers tutorials for visual arts, you can enjoy reading articles about marketing in the art industry which are very educational. :D Oh please don't underestimate the power of business, you'll never know it can earn you big bucks unlike those starving artists out there! (ehem.. no offense)

Quite an amount of articles and guides caught my eyes, and I would like to share with you >w< WHOLE section! XD LOL

And its not the end of it my dear, there's another section for art research! Don't you think its cool? Everything is all in one site that is updating regularly. :) You want art movements? Famous painters in the past? Art websites? Its all here!

Now that's what I call a juicy read! I love you EmptyEasel! 8D