Saturday, January 24, 2009

New design + another Sushi Hime portrait

Did you notice something different here?

If this is the first time you visit Sushi Hime, I don't have any reason to blame you! Hahah-!!

What I'm trying to say is, the blog has a brand new look!! Voila--!! Isn't it looking great? XD Instead of picking bright colours, I'll give soothing hues a try. Thus, here we have a brownish theme! Do you like it? ;D

I'm happy that I finished the web design in a day! To tell you the truth, I planned not to procrastinate too much. Its more like keeping a disease from an outbreak.

Besides, I submitted a full body portrait of Sushi Hime..!!

Probably of my "stress-free" artwork I drew this year. XD

From now on, I'm not going to add any pressure while drawing. It doesn't bring any benefits. After all, drawing should be an activity that makes me happy. I ENJOY drawing. I need that spirit back!

No, I'm not going to reveal what's wrong with me. I'm fine now. Really I'm very fine. ^w^

Oh, since Chinese New Year is around the corner.....


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Art updates @_@

Actually I finished this few days ago, and today I just have the mood to post this up. Sigh, this will be my last submission this week i think.... issit? I dunno. I'm not going to be in the artistic mood now. I need to rest.

28 Dec is Josh's birthday. Unfortunately, I didn't buy anything special for him during Comic Fiesta 08. I even lied to him "I'M NOT GONNA BUY ANYTHING FOR YOU BLEHHH XP " I guess you can say that I secretly draw this and told him about it on his birthday. Bleh, I know this is not as worthy as an anime figurine. Oh well, hope you like it... sigh

This is Loa ... uhh.. Loa is his character ehem.

OMAE NO TAMASHII .....ITADAKE YOOOOOO-----!! ( I will take your soul, in japanese)

Did I get it right? I think...

Yea yea I know... its something that you guys are not expecting.... Sorry I can't catch a good mood to draw something "wow".....

So yea.. I dug Tegaki and drew something Soul Eater. Sorry Maka for creating such a bad pose for you.. u__u

And... I'm still tired to squeeze my brain juice out.. Am I being unproductive? But at the same time, I'm terribly bored. orz

Hurray for more crappy arts coming out wheeheeee =__=

You can tell me how to correct the pose better if YOU'RE GOOD AT THIS. Thank you. *bow bow*

PS:: The 2nd opening of Soul Eater ROCKSSSSSSSS... tho I feel its kinda too fast to introduce all the characters.....
Clearing off the "artwork debts". Lol a new term for you guys right? XD

First of all... a chibi artwork prize for the MangaBullet Academy. Yeah MangaBullet. Its not dA. Don't ask me like a noob. End of story. ;)

This is someone's OC, Catherine. She's from Aemika's webcomic, Somnium.

Alright... what's next..? I have too many debts orzzzz

To be honest, there's still more.. sigh