Saturday, November 15, 2008

You might be got kinda bored with me, posting so many gift arts for me.. but I'm here to introduce different talented artists ya!! Especially this guy who drew this one!!

Meet kael360 !! Also a friend of mine who draws like awesome sauce! 8D Be sure to check his page out..! He needs more support! Btw, kael! I love this one a lot! Thanks for drawing my character, Shuffle.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Macy's Angels!


LOL Sorry if I spammed the whole blog with giftart awesomeness~!!

Benji, Cha Cha and of course my imaginary pet, Cotton, in disguise! XD

Its another surprise from Riiko! Damn, she's awesome! I luff her so much!!

Not to forget, another gift art from my hardcore supporter, Lehsong~! This time featuring my OC, Cassandra Skyler. Oh I haven't drew her for ages. Hmm.. one day I should . 8D Anyway, her drawings are lovely too..! This one is nice. :)

MOAR GIFTS AGAIN! *shot shot*

From my dear lovely sweet sugary friend in deviantART, alexisneo! Its another beautiful birthday gift I received! She drew one of my characters in a secret project~! Its Miru!! Feeling very happy, I gotta thank her for her lovely art!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Bday gift from bernie!!!

Its really a surprise that I received this beautiful gift from my friend, Bernie!!! Oh I'm speechless! Again, thanks so much!!! I feel so much happier than before!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

pillow with a heart

pillow with a heart
you can't see it
you can't touch it
but the heart
is always there

here comes
the hug suppressing
a sense of despair

the power of despair
rupturing one's feelings
devouring one's consciousness
manipulating one's judgement
building one's hatred

wondering how long
this malefic nature
will fade without a trace
bringing sea back to calmness

despair will not gave birth
without a reason

life with unfairness
reality with cruelty
people with dishonesty
heart with menace

once absorbing the negative essence
the mind is contaminated
can't be cleaned
with a shower of water

deep underneath the despair
the hug thirsts
for warmth and trust
a spark ignites
but will last for no long
hope started to fade

wondering how long
this hurtful agony
can be endured
putting this misfortune to an end

the pillow
finally shows its heart
it embraces its arm
reaching out
and touching the hug

life with unfairness
reality with cruelty
people with dishonesty
heart with menace

its all gone
nobody knows
since when did they disappear
a miracle that needs no reason to exists

pillow with a heart
you can't see it
you can't touch it
but the heart
is always there

are you ready
to feel the heart

Friday, October 24, 2008



ISN'T THAT AMAZING?? ;W; Ailiekong made an animated avatar of me and an... err.. angry gumball !? What?? XD But come on, I love this sooooOoooOoOOOoooo muchie!! I just helped her to find a complete version of a drawing software "SAI", and she did this!! Oh I love you!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

SE:: The Gun Meister

The fans are growing! Good sign! Hurray!

Arrggh! This is so asymmetrical!! Disgusting! DISGUSTING!!! Die die die!! *bam bam bam* Its totally messed up!!!!! messed upppp----------!!!!

Say hello to the symmetry freak, Death The Kid. Or Kid.

Apparently, I'm not listening to Kid. I purposely "mess" it up! >8D Ngaaaaahahahhahaaa--!!

Sad to say that I use the skull for the background that's similar to Maka's. Sounds like I need to try drawing another background for her.

Patty: gomennn-nni~~!! XDDD

Last one! The Thompson Sisters: Liz and Patty~!

Song Inspiration:: Death The Kid (So Crazy) [link] AND BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! HAVE A NICE DREAM [link]

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Scented Camellia

Ahh... how lovely she is! ^^ Only Tsubaki can tolerate her meister, Black Star's loud behaviour...

I must say that the flower pattern at the background suffocates me nearly to death. :XD: After all, her name Tsubaki is Camellia in Japanese... hope that I got it right.. owo

The OSTs of the anime matches each character so well.... her theme song fits her... how sweet and delicate...

Yup, I'm still planning on the next one: Kid, Liz and Patty~! Just need some time first.

Song Inspiration:: Tsubaki (Camellia)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

More Soul Eater fanart

Oh I totally love this one!! I never thought that I could catch his expression. TTwTT

Soul Eater... Soruuu Itaa..!! <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
Here you go: the no. 1 noisy brat in Shibusen: Black Star!

The funny thing is: I have inspiration on drawing him! XD *shot* No I'm not saying that I hate him that much, he's just noisy like Naruto LOL *shot shot forked forked*

The background is the easiest to make XD STARSTARSTARSTARSTARSTARSTARSTAR!!

Ok, I stopped posting.. I ran out of "bullets", I'll start workin on Tsubaki-channn~!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Two new cartoon artz + freakin tag

Maka Maka Maka Maka Maka Maka Maka Maka Maka Maka Maka Maka Maka Maka Maka Maka is here!!


TYADAAA--!! *shot*

Hurray! I can shove the books away... at the moment =w=;; orz

This is my current gaiaonline avatar, without some items (including my sexy hunk ;w; ), never forget my cute Mr.Owl~!

Nyep, cartoon style~! Need more practice on it! 8D I started to like it!!


This fellow, ili
-chan's tagging me!! here we go! *wheeze*

  • State 15 weird things/ habits/ little known facts about yourself.
  • The 10 people I tag are to then to follow my footsteps and write their own 15 weird things/habits and little known facts.

Fork! 15 is a big number for this tag man!!! I hate you ili-!!! BAKA ILI!

  1. I punch my guy friends XD Those who play with me usually get punched Hahahaha--!!! Slap or punch or pinchie... depends xD Kinda feel sorry for them owo;
  2. I'm not used to wear skirts .////////. Deal with it. My thighs are fettt..
  3. Pull the curtains before bedtime. D88
  4. I like blue too much! >W<>
  5. Whenever I see dogs, I'll get excited!! All dogs are cute to me. <3>
  6. I filled my text message with hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaa after the stuffs that i wanna say. Chinese only. Well some of you may understand the reason! *shift eyes*
  7. I "meow"-ed a lot lately. O_O
  8. At home, I speak at a squeeky high pitch tone when i'm bored XDDDD Creepy! XD But come on! I'm bored..
  9. I like some screaming rock songs XD
  11. I love to see dogs waggin their tail.
  12. shut.. what else!?
  13. blah
  14. blah
  15. blah
ahahahaha-! I'm not cheating! *halo on head* I'm tagging the people on their blog lolz.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Scythe Meister Sketchieee

Here you go! Maka Alban from Soul Eater, CARTOON STYLE~ 8D This is how my style looks like~ lol A quick sketch of course... *holding Physic textbook* .....................................

Maka is damn moeeeee---!

So far I watched 19 episodes, and downloading the next episode now.... pweaasee... fasterrrrr... =A=


Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Moon

Oh joy! I finished one of the Tarot series: The Moon. I like how the pattern of the gown turned out, very realistic >w< Feel like wanna redraw the previous card, The Fool. I don't like how it was. D: here is the description of THE MOON.


  • Two large, foreboding pillars are shown. Some see them as tombstones, others relate them to Karma.
  • Two wild beasts howl at the moon.
  • A crayfish appears in the water.
  • The Moon is "shedding the moisture of fertilizing dew in great drops" (Waite). These are numbered 15 in the Rider-Waite deck and are Yodh-shaped. On this basis, some associate this card with impregnation.

Here is the drawing!


who likes details??? 8D